Crown for King Edward I

Basic tutorial for beginners to make a flexible crown hat~
(Bu eğitim İngilizce hazırlanacak arkadaşlar, Türkçesi için sayfayı google da çevirebilirsiniz)

This is my model picture. I used my materials I already have, so changed a little bit :3
Firstly I measured circumference of my head and cut my sponge plate fabric as a rectangle and cut a circle part for to close up with same cm.
I use a big needle and wool string for to sew together.

Then I cut a big circle from my red satin fabric and cover the sponge fabrics. I pasted it with hot silicone glue and cut edges to the lines.
As you can see above, I cut sponge strips and cover them with gold plastic fabric we named it “Rayon” with hot glue.
Then I sew them to my base hat craft, crosswise.
And I pasted some plastic fabric to ends too. My Dear Hubby Fuma-sama is trying it for WIP photo~ <3 This crown was his idea afterall *-*
I cut some plastic wall ornament stickers for to make half flowers. Pasted them with hot glue.
Sewed in parts for more stability.
More plastic crystals and beads~
Hello there! WIP Selfie~
Your flexible, soft and strong crown is ready! Don’t hesitate to try ^_^
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Dear Deniz Edward (I call him “Edo-kuunn~”) would go to the Netherland with no return. So we went to his “GoodBye Party” and hugged him for last. I prepared this crown for him, so he can show to Netherland, who is the boss!
I know we’ll miss him so much~ Maybe he sometimes can come back at holidays or for conventions~
This is our friend: “BESTiyer” 😀 Means: Check Room Guy.
Because he is so helpful. As you can see, he helped me too with his cool modeling for my crown ! *-*

10.10.2018 Note

He gone to USA and we missed him so much :…( EDONARUS!

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